GP Financing Solutions

HPC’s GP Financing Solutions platform (“GPFS”) seeks to provide tailored capital solutions to a range of high-quality GPs through two distinct product offerings – NAV Lending, which offers funds of established GPs low-LTV loans, and Preferred Solutions, offering GPs flexible financing options, typically at the management company level, collateralized by a GP’s diversified portfolio of assets or cash flows.

Led by a team of industry specialists and consistent with our broader mission to form long-term partnerships with the next generation of leading alternative asset managers, GPFS aims to support exceptional sponsors at various stages of their development. The capital we invest enables GPs to optimize management of their firms and their funds for the benefit of LPs and the GP.

As private markets continue to grow and expand, GPs increasingly need flexible financing solutions to meet growing capital demands. As a strategic partner for growth, HPC aims to help growth-minded GPs achieve their long-term goals.